• Critical Call – The Emerging Criticality of Cellular Services

    The advancements in cellular services that have been witnessed in recent years have had a dramatic effect on the decision-making processes of ... Read Article

    Harnessing the Power of the Intelligent Grid to Innovate / Enhance Efficiency and Reliability of Utility

    The Challenge The electric power infrastructure is a foundation of American prosperity and one of the key elements of the digital economy ... Read Article

    Understanding and Driving Consumer Adoption of E-Bills

    This is an excerpt. To read this paper in it’s entirety: Understanding and Driving Consumer Adoption of E-Bills Introduction Online bill payment ... Read Article

    Audit Committees Step Up Risk Oversight

    When the audit committee of a publicly traded company sits down to meet, what’s on the agenda? What issues are considered most ... Read Article

    Best Practices in Distribution Asset and Work Management

    Utilities face escalating operational expenses due to rising fuel costs and increasing investment costs for environmental regulation while simultaneously being limited in ... Read Article

    The Liability of Cost Cutting: A CEO’s New Challenge

    When financial results don’t meet expectations, senior executives face five dreaded words that have become much too common: “We need to cut ... Read Article

    Leveraging Operational Systems Assets to Realize Their Full Value

    The electric utility industry finds itself confronted by a dynamic regulatory and market environment that is necessitating changes at all levels of ... Read Article

    Information Is Power: The Intelligent Utility Network

    In the United States, utility industry forces are driving substantial changes in strategy for T&D businesses. The U.S. Energy Policy Act of ... Read Article

    Technology Support for Utility Analytics

    Intelligent utility networks (IUNs), also known in the electric power industry as intelligent grids, smart grids or modern grids, make use of ... Read Article

    The Emergence of the Intelligent Utility: A New View of Service Delivery

    Utilities encountered a decade of challenges in the 1990s – utility diversification, attempts to adjust to emerging regulatory opportunities and distractions from ... Read Article

    INTERVIEW: Alan H. Richardson

    Energy & Utilities: Let’s start by taking a look at the state of the electric utility industry marketplace as it relates to ... Read Article

    Communication Technology Considerations for the Intelligent Utility Network

    Most industries have experienced significant transformations over the past few decades, which have resulted in improved business processes and a more efficient ... Read Article

    Energy Independence Is Cool(er)?

    There is growing interest in the U.S. both in achieving some increased degree of energy independence and in reducing CO2 emissions to ... Read Article

    Curbing Theft of Service Starts With Getting to Know Your Customer

    Theft of service has been discussed more in the boardroom in the last three years than it has in the past 30. ... Read Article

    A Long-Term View of Technology’s Value to Utilities

    The rise of wireless data networks, coupled with the evolution of software solutions, has made advances in field automation, project management and ... Read Article
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