• Regional Transmission Organizations: Millenium Order on Designing Market Institutions for Electric Network Systems

    Congestion Zones Full locational pricing at every node in the network is a natural consequence of the basic economics of a competitive ... Read Article

    Shared Services: More Than a Legal Play

    Background Recent dramatic changes in the electric utility industry have systematically motivated traditionally integrated utilities to functionally or legally unbundle their business ... Read Article

    Public Water Suppliers Look to Privatization

    New forces are reshaping the responsibilities of water and wastewater utilities. Although they come in different forms, water utilities conventionally serve the ... Read Article

    The Path of Transition to a Wires Company: A Case for Embracing Change

    The choice between mobilizing for a fight or embracing change may now seem obvious, but there were many that chose the former ... Read Article

    With Deregulation and Competition, Energy Companies Embrace EBPP as an Effective CRM Tool

    Deregulation and Billing While customers in deregulated utility markets face a barrage of marketing materials from new entrants into the marketplace and ... Read Article

    Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions in the Utilities Industry

    Do utilities really know what they are doing, or are they just following the trend? What do the transactions say about the ... Read Article

    Recurring Payments by MasterCard

    Through deregulation, federal and state government reforms, and rising competition, utilities are faced with tough challenges. There is increasing pressure to reduce ... Read Article

    So Now You’re In-Charge of an Unregulated Generation Company

    You’ve probably just been named to head an acquired portfolio of generation assets. Or maybe you’re one of the visionaries who “led” ... Read Article

    Customer Interaction in the Digital Age: Strategies for Improving Satisfaction and Loyalty

    Introduction The rapid growth and evolution of the Internet as a customer contact channel has had profound implications on the way traditional ... Read Article

    E-Energy: The Impact of the Internet on the Energy Industry

    Introduction Inconsistent regulations across states and lack of standards for independent energy transactions have created significant challenges and inefficiencies for the key ... Read Article

    Smart Metering Provides Competitive Advantages To Energy Service Providers

    Introduction For many years, meters had served only to measure the amount of kilowatts per hour being consumed, and the purpose of ... Read Article

    Are you delivering the information needed to fuel growth for your enterprise?

    A recent study of 153 cross-industry chief financial officers (CFOs) reveals that commercialsectorCFOs (those in manufacturing, high tech, transportation, retail and communicationsenterprises) ... Read Article

    Emerging Trends in Wholesale Power Marketing and Trading

    Background The physical nature of electricity imposes market constraints quite unlike those seen in other energy markets. With today’s technology, electricity storage ... Read Article

    The Future of Energy Retailing Trends

    A New Taxonomy The forces of change shaping the energy industry will combine with continued regulatory pressure to further fragment the industry ... Read Article

    A New Paradigm for Customer Care and Service in a Deregulated Energy Market

    Utilities have no experience with competition or strategies for winning customers when primarily dealing with a product like electricity or natural gas. ... Read Article
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