• CAKE's Parent Company Buys TUNE

    CAKE’s parent company, Constellation Software, is acquiring TUNE. The announcement yesterday means that two of the biggest network and partner tracking platforms ... Read Article

    Capitalizing on Fame

    Some say there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Others believe everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. I don’t know ... Read Article

    Consolidate, Optimize and Maximize

    You can maximize the performance of your marketing campaigns by consolidating all of them under a single ad platform. This will save ... Read Article

    Video + Twitter = Seesmic

    I recently had to stop Twittering. It was awful. The doctors said I would go blind.Seriously folks, even for as big of ... Read Article

    Skinflint Search Marketing

    I admit it - I'm a skinflint. Call me a tightwad, a miser - I don't care. Basically, I'm cheap. And even ... Read Article

    Late for a Date

    This column was supposed to be the last in our series on redesigning SostreAssoc.com, the website for my design firm Sostre & ... Read Article

    Getting Into the Mashup Mix

    It's become a new art form to combine various existing elements to create something totally new. However, it can also be dangerous ... Read Article

    Home Office Advantage

    Many online marketers started out working from home as a way to escape the Dilbert-like cubicle farms of corporate life in favor ... Read Article

    Video Goes Viral

    Thanks to social networking sites such as YouTube, online video has quickly become an everyday part of the online experience. While marketers ... Read Article

    CJ's Missing Link

    When Commission Junction announced its Link Management Initiative (LMI) on May 23, the reaction from the affiliate community was swift and decisive. ... Read Article

    Power Tools

    Sometimes even the simplest tasks can only be performed using the right tools. There's no point in using a chain saw when ... Read Article

    Mining for Keywords

    Now that you've set up your search engine marketing campaign and it's chugging along nicely, how do you take things to the ... Read Article

    Casting a Wider Net

    Podcasting is emerging as an interesting and potentially lucrative opportunity for online marketers who want to reach a wider audience.The figures for ... Read Article

    Defend Yourself Against Click Fraud

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" That's what the Chicken Littles of the world would have you believe when they ... Read Article

    Stumped About Stopping Spyware

    Tuan Le is mad. And when he's upset, he speaks quietly, deliberately and very thoughtfully. He's hardly a hothead. But nothing gets ... Read Article
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