• Our 10 Guaranteed Predictions For 2011

    #1 Self Regulation: Big Hat, No Cattle

    Top 5 Takeaways Re. Twitter's New Advertising Platform

    Twitter has made its move towards monetization and there are big opportunities for performance advertisers as a result.. In the last 48 ... Read Article

    Google Kills Twitter

    Google killed Twitter today. With the launch of Google Buzz they ruthlessly attacked Twitter’s weaknesses and quietly set the scene for subsequent ... Read Article

    Leagues of Their Own

    Since the days of the gladiators, sports fans have had an irrational bond with their favorite athletes and teams. Feats of athleticism ... Read Article

    The Changing Digital Landscape

    2008 has shaped up to be a crazy year for online advertising - the writers' strike drove people online and the presidential ... Read Article

    Ad-Supported Nation

    There's no doubt that popular websites such as video clip destination Metacafe continue to be strong players because visitors know that when ... Read Article

    They Can Hear Us Now: Q & A with Laura Marriott

    The president of the Mobile Marketing Association says that ads on mobile devices will only get better, more widespread and easier to ... Read Article

    .mobi for All

    Neil Michel bought .mobi top-level domains as soon as they were available without consulting his bosses. As eMedia Director of Prosper magazine ... Read Article

    Ringing IN and Hanging UP

    In the old days, a telephone came in two designs and had one ring. With the rise in cell phones, the styles ... Read Article

    Online Is Sweet

    Food has recently been called everything from the new theater to the new porn. Regardless of how you think about food, you ... Read Article


    It all started with Asa Candler, a "prescriptionist" in Atlanta 112 years ago. A modest pharmacist who dealt in tonics and medicines, ... Read Article

    Guiding Lightly: Q & A with Anne Holland

    Anne Holland is the president of MarketingSherpa, which aims to help marketers advance by sharing real-world marketing data and hard-won lessons. The ... Read Article

    The Mobile Marketing Monster

    Tony Phillip will tell you the exact moment he knew that mobile marketing and advertising - predominantly via cell phones - had ... Read Article

    Gambling Stakes Rise

    You can't drive on the highway, watch TV or go to the supermarket without being reminded of America's obsession with betting. Casinos ... Read Article

    The Lure of Youth

    They're wired, they're affluent and they are a largely untapped market. This prized group is teens. They are often referred to by ... Read Article
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