• Retail Publisher Strategy: Making The Leap to CPA & Lead-Gen

    Many publishers promoting retail advertisers on a cost-per-sale basis are hesitant to move to the “other side” and promote customer acquisition or ... Read Article

    Affiliate Program Multiplicity

    On various stages of their involvement with the affiliate marketing channel, merchants look in the direction of launching affiliate programs for the ... Read Article

    Let's Get Personal

    Imagine that you are shopping at a department store and you ask a salesperson for men’s summer sandals and he takes you ... Read Article

    Double Down: Q & A with William Cooper

    As the CEO of TradeDoubler - a Swedish performance network with a vast European presence - William Cooper has his eye on ... Read Article

    eBay: What's in Store

    Describing eBay as a commerce website is like saying Elvis was a singer. The 11-year-old company that began as a virtual flea ... Read Article

    Going Out Is In

    Companies are outsourcing affiliate managers to fuel online marketing programs. Former London-based freelance writer Rob Palmer knew he was on to something ... Read Article

    Community Commerce

    Until now online shopping has been a lonely endeavor. Think Sandra Bullock in "The Net," the 1995 film where she works from ... Read Article

    Flipping the Switch

    Maybe your relationship with your network has soured. The reports are frequently late, revenue is down and your questions are not being ... Read Article

    Managing Affiliates in a Rapidly Growing Market

    Over the past two years, the online real estate traffic volume has increased exponentially. Part of this dramatic growth is driven by ... Read Article

    Targeting Affiliates

    Name: John Hobson Job: Manager, Online Advertising, Target.com Date of Hire: September 2002 Previous Job: Manager, Online Advertising, FingerhutTarget's program is powered ... Read Article

    A Show-Stopping Performance

    In times when change comes quickly, many things can keep online marketing managers up at night. The question is: What should keep ... Read Article

    The Overstock Obsession

    Every so often, there's a company, a person or a philosophy that attracts such a rabid following it can be only be ... Read Article

    Five Who Drive

    It takes a special something to be among the best in your field, especially when the field is as competitive as affiliate ... Read Article

    Indie Labels

    As the affiliate manager for Calendars.com, Hilary Poseski hawks more than 6,000 different calendars. They feature dogs, fashion models, families, folk art, ... Read Article

    The Way To Ebay

    To state the obvious, eBay has become a household name, at least in the US where everyone recognizes the brand as the ... Read Article
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