• Website Conversions: Closing the Sale

    Many people are familiar with the well-known concept of the sales funnel. Conceived over a hundred years ago, it still serves as ... Read Article

    What are You “Converting” on Your Website?

    Conversion actions are measurable events that move a website visitor toward the mission critical activities that you have identified. Many people view ... Read Article

    Profiling Your Way to Profits

    Many of the smartest marketers I have had the pleasure of knowing, agree that building an email list is essential to long-term ... Read Article

    Let's Get Personal

    Imagine that you are shopping at a department store and you ask a salesperson for men’s summer sandals and he takes you ... Read Article

    The Importance of Follow-through

    I am not a golfer- but I rented some clubs and hit at a driving range for the first time a few ... Read Article

    Search Marketing Is Direct Marketing

    When I say the word "marketing," what do you think of? Probably some kind of advertising - maybe a TV commercial for ... Read Article

    Making Over My Own Site

    Being "Dr. Makeover" comes with plenty of pressure. There's an expectation that everything I touch will be inherently beautiful and optimized for ... Read Article

    Bringing Your Website Into Focus

    What can you do when you've invested in Web initiatives and it looks like the investment isn't paying off? For some industries, ... Read Article

    Do Your Metrics Measure Up?

    Steve DiPietro is amazed at how frequently he listens to prospective clients parroting clickthrough percentages, Web traffic statistics and conversion ratios with ... Read Article

    Improving Conversions

    Kimberly Griffiths knows all too well what it feels like to be drowning in a sea of debt. Like many Americans, she's ... Read Article


    It all started with Asa Candler, a "prescriptionist" in Atlanta 112 years ago. A modest pharmacist who dealt in tonics and medicines, ... Read Article

    You've Got Content, Now What?

    I find that many website owners are divided into two camps. One camp is very good at developing unique content and garnering ... Read Article

    Sex Education

    You may or may not approve of what they are marketing, but nearly everyone can learn something from the strategies that the ... Read Article

    Insurance for Conversion Rates

    Designing for conversions isn't rocket science. It's just the ability to design a website with particular ideas in mind. For this column ... Read Article

    Introducing Dr. Makeover

    Not every website needs a complete redesign. Contrary to what most Web designers tell you, designing a website for results, or what ... Read Article
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