• Guess What Facebook Is About to Do To Thousands Of Your Fans

    Facebook is in the process of pulling the biggest bait-and-switch in history. They have spent years persuading umpteen brands, businesses and boy-bands ... Read Article

    11 Keys To Content Marketing Success

    Getting your content marketing strategy right is more important than ever. Understanding your audience, your objectives and the landscape in which you ... Read Article

    Retargeting Gets Hotter

    Retargeting is hot and getting hotter. Witness relatively new startup AdRoll claiming revenue increases of over 400% together with over 2,000 new ... Read Article

    39 April Fool's Day Hoaxes By Google

    Last year Google ran no less than 17 different April Fool's Day hoaxes. I have always loved that a company that has ... Read Article

    Google Kills Twitter

    Google killed Twitter today. With the launch of Google Buzz they ruthlessly attacked Twitter’s weaknesses and quietly set the scene for subsequent ... Read Article

    Avoid the Blog Drivel

    I degraded myself as a content publisher twice last week. In both cases, after reviewing my Google Alerts and picking the day's ... Read Article

    Rexanne Mancini: The Free Thinker

    Mancini says she thought the Internet was the wave of the future and wanted a way to connect and be part of ... Read Article

    Video Goes Viral

    Thanks to social networking sites such as YouTube, online video has quickly become an everyday part of the online experience. While marketers ... Read Article

    Marketing Reality: Q & A with Joel Comm

    Joel Comm has been building websites for over 12 years. He sold his first business to Yahoo in 1997 and it became ... Read Article

    The Affiliate Lifestyle

    For many aspiring affiliates, the phrase Affiliate Lifestyle conjures up visions of big beautiful homes and shiny new sports cars. Graphic images ... Read Article

    Judi Moore: The Leaper

    Judi Moore is not a super-affiliate. She's not even sure what that is. She doesn't see this as a detriment. Being an ... Read Article

    Stop the Presses

    Prepare the obituary: The era of the daily newspaper as the news source is over. The Daily Tribune, Inquirer and Journals of ... Read Article

    Guiding Lightly: Q & A with Anne Holland

    Anne Holland is the president of MarketingSherpa, which aims to help marketers advance by sharing real-world marketing data and hard-won lessons. The ... Read Article

    Colin McDougall: The Timekeeper

    This past summer, super-affiliate Colin McDougall traveled around British Columbia with his family in his newly purchased travel trailer. From mid-July through ... Read Article

    Online Is Sweet

    Food has recently been called everything from the new theater to the new porn. Regardless of how you think about food, you ... Read Article
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