Network Overview

    MaxBounty is a world-leading performance marketing network. Since 2004, they have provided both affiliates and advertisers with the reliability, support and proprietary software needed to reach their potential and maximize their goals.

    Network Name:
    Performance Marketing That Achieves Your Definition Of Results
    • Proven stability and reliability since 2004
    • Diverse and continuously updated selection of over 3,000 active offers
    • Proprietary software for campaign optimization and brand integrity protection
    • Social Media
    • Search
    • Display
    • Native Advertisement
    • Email Marketing
    • Mobile
    • Contextual advertising
    Network Description:

    MaxBounty is a leading performance marketing network that offers advertisers a global network of marketing channels to increase sales, leads, sign-ups, app installs, or any other action essential to brand evolution. Advertisers have control, only paying for the action they define. Established in 2004, MaxBounty has proven its stability and reliability. With over 2,000 active offers across numerous verticals, affiliates have a diverse and continuously updated selection to choose from. MaxBounty's proprietary tracking and analytical software optimizes campaigns, while its dedicated compliance processes protect brand integrity. The network's commitment to quality ensures traffic comprises real consumers, enhancing lead quality.

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    Company Overview

    CEO placement image
    Matt McEvoy, CEO

    Leader Bio

    Company Name:
    MaxBounty, ULC
    Performance Marketing that achieves your definition of results
    +1 (613) 834-3955
    Parent Company:
    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Other Offices:
    Date Founded:
    Number of Employees:

    Advertiser Overview

    MaxBounty provides brands with global reach, diverse campaigns, extensive verticals, and dedicated account managers for campaign optimization and achieving marketing goals.

    Elevator pitch:
    Performance Marketing That Achieves Your Definition Of Results
    • Global reach with diverse campaign types and extensive verticals
    • Proprietary software for campaign optimization and brand integrity protection
    • Dedicated account managers providing valuable insights and strategies
    Advertiser Description:

    Brands and advertisers should work with MaxBounty because of their global network of over 30,000 affiliate marketers that can get brands in front of valuable, untapped audiences.
    The network's proprietary software provides in-depth reporting and insight, ensuring advertisers can easily optimize their campaigns to fully maximize their ROI.

    Their dedicated account managers will also work directly with companies’ marketing teams to provide valuable insights and strategies, ensuring brands achieve the marketing goals that matter most to them.

    Lastly, MaxBounty’s strong compliance processes and anti-fraud technology are guaranteed to protect brand integrity and ensure real consumer engagement so advertisers can focus purely on campaign performance.

    Advertiser Contact:
    Kieran Grolle
    (613) 583-1236 ex. 252

    Kieran is an integral part of MaxBounty’s Business Development team that helps brands achieve their marketing goals through the company’s large network of affiliates.

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    Publisher Overview

    MaxBounty offers affiliates flexibility with multiple traffic types, additional earnings through MaxMoney rewards, and valuable insights from dedicated, responsive affiliate managers.

    Elevator pitch:
    Performance Marketing That Achieves Your Definition Of Results
    • Acceptance of multiple traffic types providing flexibility for affiliates
    • Additional earning opportunities through the MaxMoney rewards program
    • Highly responsive dedicated affiliate managers providing valuable insights
    Publishers Description:

    Affiliates should work with MaxBounty for its stability, diversity of offers, and commitment to quality.

    The network accepts multiple traffic types, allowing affiliates to promote high-converting cost-per-action campaigns from hundreds of advertisers seeking their blogging, media-buying, social media, and email marketing expertise.

    Affiliates can also look forward to frequent performance reward promotions, a lucrative referral program, and in-house owned and operated campaigns that allow them to work one-on-one with affiliates to optimize conversion rates and payouts.

    Weekly payouts, dedicated Affiliate Managers, and a feature-rich dashboard round out MaxBounty’s offerings, making them one of the most reliable CPA networks that we recommend for both beginners and experienced affiliates.

    Number of Offers:
    Payout Frequency:
    Minimum Payout:
    A bonus equal to 10% of earnings of every approved affiliate you refer (active for six months after the referred affiliate is approved)

    Publisher Contact:
    Adam Harrison
    (613) 583-1236 ex. 231

    Adam is MaxBounty’s Director of Affiliate Relations

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