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    For 14 years, Convert2Media has set the standard in online performance marketing, providing an analytics-based approach to help publishers and advertisers get the most out of their ad spend. Their experienced marketing professionals ensure worry-free online marketing.

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    Global Leaders in Performance Marketing: Top 10 CPA Network
    • 14 years of experience in online performance marketing
    • Analytics-based approach for maximum ad spend efficiency
    • Consistent and reliable publisher payments
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    Convert2Media, a global leader in performance marketing, has set the standard in online performance marketing for over 14 years. With a strong emphasis on an analytics-based approach, the network helps publishers and advertisers maximize their ad spend and achieve better results. The team of experienced marketing professionals at Convert2Media understands the challenges and pitfalls of the digital advertising landscape, such as fraudulent transactions and financial risks.

    To alleviate these concerns, Convert2Media has implemented a system where advertisers only pay for results, while publishers need not worry about getting paid for quality traffic. The network takes pride in its consistent and reliable publisher payments, having never missed a payment in 14 years. This dedication to building long-term value and lifetime relationships sets Convert2Media apart from other networks, fostering trust and collaboration between the network and its partners.

    If you're looking for a performance-based marketing solution that provides consistent results and reliability, Convert2Media is the network to consider.

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    Steve Howe, CEO & Co-Founder

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    Advertiser Overview

    Convert2Media is an invite-only affiliate marketing network focused on providing advertisers with the tools and resources for success while maintaining a high-quality traffic environment. The network has strict approval requirements to ensure quality offers and traffic for all parties involved.

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    Invite-Only Network for High-Quality Traffic
    • Invite-only network for a higher quality environment
    • Manual review of advertiser applications by compliance team
    • Strict approval requirements to deter fraud
    Advertiser Description:

    Convert2Media is an invite-only affiliate marketing network that prioritizes quality and success for its advertisers. By maintaining an exclusive environment, Convert2Media ensures that only high-quality offers and traffic are present within the network. This approach allows advertisers to have access to the necessary tools and resources to achieve success with their campaigns.

    Each advertiser application undergoes a manual review by the compliance team, ensuring that only those who fit the network's mold are contacted. This meticulous process helps to keep fraudulent advertisers at bay and maintain a high level of quality within the network. Due to the numerous applications received, Convert2Media implements strict approval requirements to preserve the integrity of the network.

    Potential advertisers should take the application process seriously, providing relevant information about their goals, offer details, preferred traffic channels, and how they discovered Convert2Media. The more information provided, the better the chances of approval. Applicants must also ensure their email is valid for verification purposes, and any changes to the application information should be communicated directly to the network.

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    Publisher Overview

    Convert2Media is a leading affiliate marketing network offering targeted advertising, top-quality traffic, and an extensive range of offers at competitive CPA rates, ensuring publishers achieve success in the industry.

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    Global leaders in performance marketing
    • Rigorous publisher selection process
    • Dedicated support through Telegram, Skype, or WeChat
    • Competitive CPA rates and high-quality traffic
    • Display
    • Email Marketing
    • Search
    • Native
    • Mobile Apps
    • Social Media
    Publishers Description:

    Convert2Media is a premier affiliate marketing network that focuses on providing publishers with targeted advertising opportunities and high-quality traffic, while maintaining a competitive edge in the market with top CPA rates. With a rigorous selection process in place, Convert2Media ensures that only the best and most experienced publishers are accepted into the network. This helps maintain a high level of traffic quality and protects advertisers from fraudulent activities.

    The network's commitment to supporting its publishers is evident in the multiple communication channels available, including Telegram, Skype, and WeChat. This allows for seamless, real-time communication and support, ensuring publishers have the necessary tools and resources to succeed in the industry.

    Convert2Media's platform supports a wide variety of traffic channels, such as display, email, social media, search, native, and mobile, enabling publishers to diversify their marketing strategies and reach a broader audience. The network is particularly focused on catering to affiliate marketers who have proven industry experience, ensuring a high level of expertise and professionalism within the network.

    In terms of verticals, Convert2Media offers a diverse range of offers, allowing publishers to target various niches and demographics effectively. The network's philosophy revolves around quality, transparency, and innovation, striving to provide the best possible results for its clients while maintaining a strong focus on ethical marketing practices and industry standards.

    Overall, Convert2Media stands out as a reliable and professional affiliate marketing network, dedicated to providing targeted advertising, top-quality traffic, and a comprehensive range of offers at competitive CPA rates. This commitment to excellence ensures that both publishers and advertisers can achieve success and grow their businesses in a mutually beneficial partnership.

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