• Crossing the Line

    The roles played by each of the key parties in the affiliate marketing space are very clearly defined. Just like a well-oiled ... Read Article

    Commission Junction: Putting the Pieces in Place

    Kerri Pollard took over the helm of Commission Junction as general manager over a year ago. Pollard's rise through the ranks - ... Read Article

    Google Affiliate Network: Big-Time Backing

    The performance marketing landscape changed dramatically last year when Performics, the third largest network, was sold along with its parent company DoubleClick ... Read Article

    LinkShare: Leveraging Technology and Global Markets

    Nearly a year ago, LinkShare president Steve Denton stepped down. The company named co-presidents. Jonathan Levine and Yasuhisa "Yaz" Iida are both ... Read Article

    ShareASale: Size Doesn't Matter

    ShareASale.com founder and CEO Brian Littleton runs what is considered to be the fourth largest performance network in the United States. Littleton ... Read Article

    Key Cogs in the Affiliate Machine

    In May 2008, JupiterResearch analyst Patti Freeman Evans published a study on affiliate marketing that indicates online marketers will spend $2.1 billion ... Read Article

    Merchant Advantage: eBay Partner Network

    In mid-March of 2008, eBay announced it would be transitioning away from having its massive affiliate program run by a network and ... Read Article

    Merchant Advantage: CSN Stores

    When Brent Elias began working at CSN Stores.com in 2002, the Boston-based online home furnishings retailer didn't have an affiliate program. Elias ... Read Article

    Blurring the Lines

    Recently, I posed my question to a diverse audience: "At your company, who is in charge of social media marketing? Raise your ... Read Article

    Social Networking Bailout

    Our politicians, along with Wall Street, a few bankers and some mortgage firms may be able to take our money, but they ... Read Article

    Owning Up

    Social media technologies can be a powerful tool, but it's important to know who within your organization should be taking the lead ... Read Article

    Participation Is Not Passive

    Elvis has left the building and he took the audience with him.The only people left are fellow participants. Social media has made ... Read Article

    Show me the Money

    Currently, looking for the money in social media marketing is like asking directions in a foreign land when you don't speak the ... Read Article

    Incentivize Your Audience

    Budgets are tightening, and advertisers need to boost ROI- fast. The social Web is gaining value not only as a medium that ... Read Article

    Content vs. SEO

    Hamlet Batista, president and CEO of NEMedia, wants to change your content. He wants to change it so much that he can't ... Read Article
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