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    CJ Affiliate offers an established and expansive ecosystem that helps businesses achieve intelligent, scalable, and sustainable growth through its best-in-class platform.

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    Trusted to Perform
    • Access to a global customer base
    • Cutting-edge technology and industry expertise
    • Trusted by leading brands and twice as many IR500 brands as the nearest competitor
    • Affiliate marketing
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    CJ Affiliate is a leading affiliate marketing platform designed to help businesses achieve intelligent, scalable, and sustainable growth. With over 1 billion monthly global customers, 14 billion annual meaningful interactions, and $16 billion+ in annual revenue potential, CJ Affiliate offers a comprehensive solution for advertisers and publishers alike. The platform is powered by meaningful data, cutting-edge technology, and industry expertise, all designed to set businesses up for success no matter where they are in their affiliate growth journey. CJ Affiliate is trusted by the world's largest brands, with twice as many IR500 brands choosing to work with CJ compared to the nearest competitor. Advertisers can expand their brand's reach and drive more sales while rewarding world-class publishers for successfully promoting their products and services. Publishers can earn commissions by partnering with widely recognized brands, benefiting from CJ Affiliate's extensive network and resources. With numerous client success stories and case studies, CJ Affiliate continues to demonstrate its effectiveness and commitment to helping businesses grow and achieve their revenue potential.

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    Advertiser Overview

    Commission Junction is a leading global affiliate marketing network that offers cutting-edge technology, a diverse range of premium advertisers, and dedicated account management to drive growth and optimize performance marketing.

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    Trusted to Perform
    • Access to a vast network of premium publishers
    • Advanced technology solutions for campaign management
    • Dedicated account management and expert guidance
    • App install
    • Websites
    • PPC/PPV
    Advertiser Description:

    Commission Junction is a renowned affiliate marketing network, providing businesses with access to a diverse range of premium advertisers across different industries. Their advanced technology solutions simplify campaign management and optimization, while dedicated account managers offer tailored expertise and guidance to ensure success in performance marketing. With a focus on intelligent growth at scale, Commission Junction supports various traffic channels, including online, mobile, in-app, phone calls, and in-store. By leveraging data, cutting-edge tech, and industry expertise, Commission Junction helps businesses achieve sustained growth through targeted partnerships, seamless global experiences, and innovative technology integrations.

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    Publisher Overview

    As the trusted leader in affiliate marketing for over 20 years, CJ Affiliate offers a platform for seamless monetization, unrivaled data and expertise, and connections to world-class brands.

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    Trusted to Perform
    • Sophisticated technology designed for ease of use
    • Comprehensive omni-channel tracking capabilities
    • Reliable payment systems and global support
    • Display
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media
    • SEO
    • Content Marketing
    • SEM
    Publishers Description:

    CJ Affiliate has established itself as a leader in the affiliate marketing industry for over two decades. Their advanced platform is designed to offer seamless monetization opportunities for affiliates while connecting them with leading global brands. CJ Affiliate focuses on providing cutting-edge tools and strategic guidance to help businesses grow.

    The platform boasts sophisticated technology, including an intuitive user interface, comprehensive omni-channel tracking, and robust APIs. These features allow for accurate tracking across devices, channels, and various marketing verticals, ensuring transparency and compliance with privacy regulations.

    CJ Affiliate's reliable payment systems ensure transparency in commission earnings and offer convenient payout options, including multiple currencies and local bank account support. Their dedicated global team consists of experts in various regions, ensuring localized strategies tailored to individual businesses.

    The network's approach emphasizes the importance of strong partnerships between advertisers and publishers, fostering an environment where both parties can thrive. CJ Affiliate's commitment to supporting publishers includes the largest and most established global Publisher Development division in the industry.

    CJ Affiliate continually evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of the digital marketing landscape, making it the platform of choice for many influencers, content creators, and global brands looking to expand and succeed in the affiliate marketing space.

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