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PR23_web_150x202jpgThe Guide for Agencies and Advertisers

The Online Advertising Blue Book for agencies and advertisers is designed to provide interactive media planners and buyers with the key data they need to choose between the dozens of networks competing for their attention and ad dollars. The Guide breaks through the noise by giving participating ad networks an opportunity to tell their own story and to differentiate themselves with expertise, case studies and executive interviews. The Online Advertising Blue Book is the trusted resource for ad-buyers and planners.

The Guide for Publishers and Affiliates

Affiliates and publishers have many choices when it comes to deciding which network they wish to work with, but they need to know who to trust. The Online Advertising Blue Book is designed to fill that need. Affiliates need to know that when they pass traffic to a network, or convert a visitor to a sale or lead, their commission will be protected and that the network will play fair.

The Online Advertising Blue Book is designed to provide networks the space to show exactly why a publisher should choose them as a partner. White papers and executive interviews can help to build trust and form a lasting and profitable business relationship. Network profiles provide publishers and affiliates with key data on contacts, payments terms and other decision-relevant data. Revenue Performance and the Online Advertising Blue Book are published by mThink, LLC. mThink publishes consumer magazines and contract publishing solutions. It also develops existing resources to provide clients with focused custom publishing solutions.


The Online Advertising BLUE BOOK is the authoritative guide to ad networks and exchanges.

This year has been one of reorganization and consolidation in the performance marketing industry. Networks have merged, refinanced or gone broke at an unprecedented rate. Law suits have been flying, regulators have clamped down and re-bill offers have gone the way of the dodo. All these factors have made it more difficult than ever for advertisers and publishers trying to choose with which networks they should work. Who can be trusted? Who gets the job done? What do other people really think?

In each edition of the BLUE BOOK Guide To Ad Networks, we bring you the results of our biggest ever survey. Over 20,000 merchants, affiliates, agencies and network personnel have given us their views on which networks are their favorites. And in addition, we recruited a dozen leading experts from a wide range of organizations in order to get the inside scoop on network gossip and reputation.

Affiliate or CPA?

In previous editions of the BLUE BOOK, we included affiliate networks and CPA networks together in one category: performance marketing networks. This approach had the great benefit of simplicity but it suffered from the obvious flaw that we were effectively trying to compare apples with oranges. It’s not just that affiliate and CPA networks focus on different pricing structures. It’s that they’re almost different animals completely, with the difference reflected in their publishers, types of traffic and advertising clients. So, there was a powerful argument to separate the two. And that’s what we have done. In this edition, you will find the BLUE BOOK Top 20 Affiliate Networks plus the BLUE BOOK Top 20 CPA Networks. It’s been a difficult process, but we’re happy with the result. We hope you will find the results useful and informative.

But… What About Affiliate AND CPA?

We have separated CPA networks totally from affiliate networks in two tables. That seemed to offer most value to you, the reader. But, the fact is that many of these companies offer a variety of pricing structures to suit the offer or advertiser concerned.

There’s a big overlap in some cases, such as NetMargin, for example. They do most of their business via CPA offers, but they have a significant portfolio of cost-per-sale programs that are very successful.

But NetMargin is unusual in their spread of business across both pricing models. Most networks have a strong focus on one or the other. As a result, we have taken the approach that each network should be listed only in the category in which we believe they do most of their business. That seemed to be the fairest approach that also offered most clarity and value to our readers.

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