Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising Helps Marketers Engage Dynamic, Elusive Audiences

As marketers adopt new marketing channels, measures and media mixes, they’re discovering just how ineffective their old methods have become. Reach has given way to relevance. Engagement has taken the place of exposure. And one-way messaging to the masses has become a dialogue between audience members (which may or may not even include the voice of the brand).

Even with all of this change, the most dynamic aspect of advertising today is the audience. They don’t consume media the way they used to. Web video, mobile phones, video games, searching, surfing, online music, and online shopping and entertainment are replacing traditional print publications, retail experiences and broadcast TV, and capturing the greatest share of the consumers’ attention. And all those points of interest have sprung up on the bustling corner where media and technology intersect.

Success for advertisers means engaging audiences whenever, wherever they are, through whatever digital media they consume. To achieve that success, advertisers need to be able to leverage media and technology to that end.

Microsoft collaborates with advertisers and publishers to help them understand, manage, measure and ultimately get better results from the broad range of digital channels. Through its unique combination of top-tier media and advanced advertising technologies, Microsoft enables advertisers to engage their audiences like never before.


Microsoft’s duet of media and technology solutions provides advertisers with greater insight into audience behavior, media performance, analytics that drive decision making and trends that are shaping the future of digital advertising. The combination also produces more advertising controls that fit perfectly in the hands of marketers so they can execute their campaigns with an exceptional level of transparency, targeting capabilities and flexibility. The expertise underlying these capabilities is of the breadth and depth customers have come to expect from Microsoft. Not only is service and support available when needed, it comes in many flavors and layers. Dedicated media consultants help planners and buyers create highly effective audience-based programs. Application training enables marketers to master technology tools through classroom, “webinar” and on-demand learning. Analytics support and custom research is also available in the form of advisory services, information service and analytics teams. And, of course, the technical resources of Microsoft are at work behind the scenes building and testing the advertising channels, models and tools marketers will need as the audience becomes even more dynamic.


Microsoft’s broad network of media properties includes high-traffic Microsoft destination sites such as MSN and Live Search; partner sites like Fox Sports, Facebook and CNBC; its network of 250 top sites; and mobile and in-game networks that enable advertisers to connect with just the right audiences. Microsoft’s technology platform is the engine that enables marketers to truly engage those audiences. By putting advanced capabilities in the hands of advertisers to effectively plan, execute and measure campaigns across the full spectrum of digital channels, Microsoft makes it possible for marketers to evaluate every marketing touch point they have with their audience. Through the guidance of greater insight, the precision enabled with greater control and the application of Microsoft’s expertise, every one of those touch points can be mapped to empower marketers to shape campaigns that are more and more engaging.

Microsoft Advertising provides a wide variety of top-tier media channels that help you connect with just the right audience, and advanced advertising technologies that enable you to target and engage that audience like never before.


Microsoft Advertising allows you to reach your audience through a portfolio of top-tier sites, channels and networks. Microsoft solutions connect you with your audience as they access different media at various points throughout the day – from PCs to games to mobile devices – and beyond. Microsoft’s high-traffic sites and networks reach hundreds of millions of unique consumers every month globally – numbers that are growing quickly.


The MSN audience consists of Internet-savvy consumers around the world who have chosen MSN® as their tool to help stay informed and communicate. MSN attracts an affluent audience of more than 400 million Internet enthusiasts each month, and the MSN home page reaches more people in a day than the top 13 newspapers combined.

In addition, Microsoft content partners such as FOX Sports, MSNBC, and Facebook allow you to align your campaigns with their unique audiences.

Microsoft Direct Response

For marketers specializing in direct response, Microsoft off ers a program tailored to your needs. The Microsoft Direct Response approach is based on engaging your prospects with the most relevant and engaging calls to action, and ensuring that successful ads run where they’re most effective, maximizing response. Microsoft provides guidance, flexible campaign options and robust tools to help you craft and execute a successful direct marketing campaign on MSN and Windows Live.

DRIVE Performance Media

DRIVEpm’s unique combination of premium media and advanced technology enables you to gain an advantage from greater audience insight, better targeting and complete control over your brand. Microsoft provides media from only the top 250 Web publishers, which makes it easy for its consultative team can pinpoint just the right inventory for you. This in turn means better results and a great experience for you and the publishers within the network.

Live Search

With millions of unique users accessing the Internet, Live Search presents a great opportunity to extend the reach of your marketing campaign. Accessed by more than 46 million unique users each month, Live Search enables your audience to easily locate what they’re searching for: advertising placements relevant to their keyword search.

Windows Live

Advertisers can reach a broad audience at the opening to their digital world, using proven advertising solutions to build brand and deliver their messages every day through vehicles such as Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Spaces.


Microsoft is committed to connecting advertisers with their target audiences at home, at work and on the go across multiple digital devices such as PCs, Xbox® video game systems and mobile phones. Microsoft’s technology platforms enable you to engage these audiences through the mix of digital media you rely on every day. By putting advanced capabilities in your hands to effectively plan, execute and measure campaigns across the full spectrum of digital channels, Microsoft makes it possible for you to evaluate every marketing touch point you have with your audience.

Microsoft adCenter

Microsoft adCenter is the technology behind your search advertising campaigns. Microsoft adCenter makes your search advertising campaign easy to manage, with easy-to-use, in-depth campaign analysis; intelligent targeting based on location, gender or day; and access to up-to-the-minute research.

Atlas Advertiser Suite

The Atlas Advertiser Suite is an online campaign management and ad-serving solution that gives agencies and advertisers a competitive advantage in planning and delivering effective multi-channel digital campaigns and in reporting more insightful results.

Atlas Publisher Suite

The Atlas Publisher Suite enables publishers to more accurately forecast their inventory, optimize the delivery of their premium impressions and efficiently handle the sale of unsold inventory.


Massive is a leading video game network. With the Massive network you can reach and engage the millions of people playing games every day. Massive provides you with an opportunity to present your brand in a personal and unique way that ties your message to your users’ passions. Massive’s in-game advertising technology depicts brands in various forms within the game — on soft-drink cans and pizza boxes, on billboards and posters, and in images on TV screens — where gamers would expect to see them in real life, adding realism to the overall gaming experience.


ScreenTonic is Microsoft’s mobile ad-serving and targeting solution. Mobile is an extraordinary vehicle for brands looking to establish new relationships with their customers. And since the mobile medium is so uniquely personal, you’re able to create highly targeted mobile campaigns based on things like age, gender, location and time of day or any user profile criteria. ScreenTonic’s mobile solutions provide you with a complete range of ad formats as well as ad-serving capabilities.