Zynga Restates In-Game Offer Revenues

Following the Scamville events of the last few weeks, Zynga has revised statements made earlier this year in which they claimed that 30% of the revenues came from in-game “offers”. Now they say that was a mistake and the real figure is zero.

Confused? Us too. The explanation for the zero figure is that Zynga claims to have ceased all in-game offers as a result of the Scamville furore, but that even before that, earlier this year, the figure was only 10%, NOT 30%.

Wondering how they could have made a 300% error in the size of a key revenue stream? Us too.  Zynga states that the previous numbers were a mistake based on old data from 2008, and that they’ve been phasing out ads on their games since then.

We are not in a position to know whether there is something else going on here, but we do suggest that one should read these new statements through the filter of knowing that they come  at a time in which Zynga is facing lots of negative press and possible class action lawsuits. We report, you decide.