Cage Fight: Shoemoney vs Dennis Yu!

The Facebook/Scamville fallout has continued with a cage-fight between two of our favorite bloggers. In the red corner we have Dennis Yu, the CEO of BlitzLocal, who two weeks ago confessed his scammy past in a controversial post on TechCrunch.


In the blue corner we present Shoemoney, the heavyweight in this contest. In two blazing posts this week Jeremy has pummeled Dennis for a variety of alleged sins. You can gauge the tone by the titles of Jeremy’s posts:



Naturally, Dennis has fought back with a post implying that he is being punished for speaking out about the bad practices of the industry.


We make no judgement or comment on an argument that so far has covered porn, fraud, lies, deception and theft. Read it all and make your own call, people. We report, you decide.