Earn Commissions off Telephone Sales!

RingRevenue is a new “pay per call” platform designed to track payments to affiliates for sales made to a customer that calls in via phone. Telephone sales have always been a potential source of affiliate commission leakage with the result that most affiliates simply avoid providing any kind of telephone links whatsoever. The problem with this is that many potential customers still feel more secure buying by actually talking to a real person rather than clicking around an anonymous web site. RingRevenue aims to help affiliates and networks monetize that customer.

The platform claims to distinguish itself from other call-tracking solutions by allowing the affiliate network – rather than the advertiser – to manage the allocation of trackable local and toll-free numbers to affiliates via a system set up specifically to suit affiliate marketing. Commission Junction are already signed up as partners with other networks apparently coming on board as we write.

This kind of technology could be very successful if it is well implemented and affiliates feel that it can be trusted. If customers feel they can reassure themselves by speaking to someone, that may add an extra point or two to conversion rates, and that’s going to be an attractive prospect for affiliates struggling to maintain sales in these difficult times.

 – Chris Trayhorn