Web Associates

Amplify Your Brand Through The User Experience

A brand is infinitely more than a company logo and color scheme. Brands represent the ethos of organizations. Your brand should elicit a reaction from your customers and serve to connect with them on an emotional level. By building meaningful connections to your brand through compelling user experiences, whether online or off-line, you will effectively strengthen your overall brand perception.

Interactive agencies can assist in this process by helping to architect the user experience when your customers interact with your brand. But what exactly does that encapsulate? An agency should work to magnify their clients’ brand by conveying their key messaging, translating their overall aesthetic and delivering positive interactions with the brand. Web Associates defines User Experience as the overall perception and level of satisfaction that a user associates with a particular Web system, application, process or device.

Reinforce Online User Experiences

Previously, interactive agencies largely focused on the user experience in regard to corporate websites. Leading agencies have since broadened their services to include globalization, localization and accessibility to improve the strength of their clients’ brands. A company’s Web properties need to be easily accessible by search engines as well as accessible by target regions. Content strategies differ greatly from region to region, and having unified campaigns that respect each demographic help to maximize unique and simultaneously positive user experiences.

Today merely having a great website is not enough, as the user experience extends beyond the Internet. From billboards to magazine ads to online properties, everything relating to your brand matters and should be consistent across all mediums. As a result, agencies in the space are expanding their take on user experience to include Web applications, social media, online advertising, banners, mobile/handheld devices, other next-generation technologies as well as product packaging and design. These additional offerings need to be reinforced and in sync with off-line campaigns. Emphasizing consistency across brand outreach channels ensures a more predictable user experience and serves to increase brand loyalty.

Web Associates Employs a Holistic Approach

Agencies that will be successful in the future will create branded and unified user experiences across multiple mediums. Current technologies provide the ability to capture user data through one medium and then repurpose that information to develop more specific and rich user experiences. Using a holistic approach to branding, an agency can translate brands to the online environment and coordinate offline advertising vehicles, resulting in positive, branded user experiences.

Web Associates is an independent interactive agency that amplifies global brands. We produce award-winning creative and innovative online marketing delivered through a single technology layer. Founded in 1995, the California-based agency is headquartered on the Central Coast and operates additional offices in Orange County and the Silicon Valley.