OpinionLab: Providing the Leading Online ‘Voice of the Customer’ Business Solutions

OpinionLab® – the leading online Voice of the Customer business solution provider – employs a patented methodology to empower you to engage, support and understand your customers at every online touch point and to convert customer voice data into timely and actionable business intelligence.

OnlineOpinion®, OpinonLab’s flagship solution, enables you to easily collect page-specific quantitative and qualitative customer feedback in real time. A robust suite of reporting dashboards categorizes and analyzes customer voice data to deliver expertise that highlights key findings and recommends change. Near real-time Alerts can be disseminated to internal stakeholders to ensure that you are the first to know about issues and opportunities.

OpinionLab solutions will help you increase customer retention, foster customer loyalty and build your brand.

Operating on more than 3,000 websites in more than 30 languages, OpinionLab’s patented solutions provide a powerful strategic advantage to many of the world’s most prominent websmart organizations in industries ranging from government to retail. Since 1999, OpinionLab has collected, sorted, visualized and analyzed millions of quantitative and qualitative Voice of Customer data points for its customers.


OpinionLab offers the following types of solutions:

Website Optimization

  • Allow Web users to provide continuous feedback on content, design and usability.
  • Identify best- and worst-performing pages.
  • Benchmark your website against your industry.
  • Be the first to know about business intelligence for competitive, product or customer service opportunities.

Advanced Online Surveys

OpinionLab solutions enable you to easily and cost-effectively produce and publish online surveys from your web browser.

Online Advertising

  • Minimize negative impact of hosted advertising on customer retention.
  • Optimize ad messaging and placement to create positive brand equity.

Business Intelligence

OpinionLab solutions enable you to gain a better understanding of what customers need in terms of improved service levels as well as help you retain customers.

Intelligent Supportâ„¢

This OpinionLab solution enables you to maximize opportunities to retain customers through real-time intervention.

Distributed Products

OpinionLab solutions let you monitor users’ experiences with distributed products (such as mobile, gadgets, widgets and software) – data that can then be used as the basis for product improvement.