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HiveLive Inspires Brand Loyalty in Customers

In an era of highly informed, plugged-in, web-savvy consumers, it’s no longer possible to “spin” your way into minds and hearts. Today’s companies need authentic ways to connect with customers. It’s the key to customer loyalty, the bedrock beneath every sustainable brand.

For many businesses, the answer is found in company-sponsored customer communities. These online communities help companies get the attention of customers- a real challenge in today’s media-rich environment – by providing a location for customers to congregate with others who share their interests. Companies can use customer communities to interact with those who use their products and services, have conversations that matter and form the connections that foster greater brand awareness and loyalty. The result? Inspired customers.


HiveLive, Inc., has pioneered several new approaches to finding, retaining, supporting and collaborating with customers through online communities. The solutions are tailored to the challenges of chief marketing officers (CMOs), who need to connect with more customers in an era of shrinking budgets and thinner IT resources. Here’s how HiveLive’s technologies can help:

Improved market intelligence. HiveLive’s LiveInsights™ solution engages community members for product reviews and feedback, providing collective intelligence from the minds of customers. With LiveInsights, you can:

  • Crowd-source your product design and development priorities so that customers can help you define winning products for your market;
  • Stay at the forefront of the innovation curve by infusing the product design process with user insights;
  • Pretest ad concepts, logos and other marketing deliverables before they go live to the world; and
  • Collect real-time user feedback to drive the test and iteration cycles so that product releases are more refined.

Improved customer loyalty. HiveLive’s LiveLoyalty™ solution provides a place where customers can “share and tell” with other customers through blogs, wikis, chat rooms and other social media applications. This solution builds customer loyalty through ongoing participation and measures purchasing behaviors to guide ongoing product development.

Improved lead generation. HiveLive’s Live- Leads™ solution fuels viral membership growth. Existing members are empowered to invite and validate new members so that the community, its content and a company’s brand can reach an ever-growing audience.

Improved customer support. HiveLive’s LiveAnswers™ solution enables peer-to-peer support through customer forums and membergenerated FAQs. It provides a way for power-users to share their knowledge firsthand with novice users, further strengthening bonds among a community of users and the company that makes the interaction possible. The bottom-line benefits include better customer satisfaction and lower cost of customer care.


All HiveLive marketing solutions are built on the foundation of HiveLive’s patent-pending LiveConnect™ Community Platform. The platform uses infinitely adaptable Web 2.0 building blocks – Hives – that combine people, information and permissions to create flexible information resources. Hives can be used to manage and share any type of information with any number of people. They can be configured as familiar social media applications such as blogs, wikis and forums, or they can take a completely custom form. For example, Hives can be created to share images, brainstorm new ideas, poll users, tally votes, submit questions, build consensus – the possibilities are endless. Those who build the community can choose the people, create the type of information and define the interaction. And since HiveLive communities are built entirely by clicking within the interface, not by coding, they can be built in days, not months.

HiveLive’s unique building block approach allows communities to grow organically and evolve as membership expands and changes. Marketers can choose to tightly control the structure of the community, or they can hand the power to users and let them decide how to build and shape the community. Either way, the on-demand HiveLive platform ensures that a HiveLive community fits each company’s unique “thumbprint” so that the user community feels like a seamless extension of the company itself. And that’s an inspiring thought for any company that’s trying to build a sustainable brand by getting closer to customers.


HiveLive is the first company to deliver an enterprise social software platform that integrates social networks with information networks for business-focused communities. The company’s on-demand, Web-based platform is powered by a new Web 2.0 building block, called a Hive, which can be configured to support a nearly endless number of community activities such as blogs, forums, chat rooms, polls, FAQs and more. The patent-pending technology uniquely enables companies to build communities of depth and forge tighter bonds with their customers and partners to foster innovation, creativity, loyalty and trust. HiveLive is privately held with headquarters in Boulder, Col. For more information, visit

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