Monitor, Measure and Discover the Trends Influencing your Market

Cymfony, a division of TNS Media Intelligence, tells brands and companies what people are saying about them whether the people are bloggers, traditional journalists or even influential consumers. By sifting and interpreting the millions of voices at the intersection of traditional and social media, Cymfony delivers insights that help companies identify the people, keep on top of the issues and respond to the trends impacting their businesses – at the speed of the market.

Cymfony’s mission is to provide real-time, customized solutions to help marketing employees, product managers and research professionals understand how key constituencies (including journalists, bloggers and influential consumers) talk about their products, brands or companies. In addition, Cymfony provides qualitative and predictive analysis to identify and respond to broad market and media trends.

Cymfony was the first in the industry to support analysis of social media – blogs, message boards, Usenet sites – side by side with traditional media. The 24X7 news cycle is increasingly forcing journalists to mine social media for their next controversial story or quote. Cymfony’s unique convergence solution allows our clients to see the “push and pull” between traditional and social media.

Forrester Research analyzed vendors in the brand monitoring space in 2006. In this evaluation, Cymfony was cited as a “Leader” and received the highest score for its “Current Offering,” a combination of features including scope of services, functionality, data sources and reporting.

Cymfony was founded in 1996 to develop its information extraction technology, InfoXtract, to help U.S. government intelligence agencies find relevant information in high volumes of documents. After several years of continued research and development, Cymfony decided to bring its unique technology to the commercial market with an application to provide more sophisticated measurement of public relations efforts, identifying relevant mentions in traditional media.

In 2007, TNS Media Intelligence – the leading provider of strategic advertising information – acquired Cymfony, establishing TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony as the only media intelligence company capable of providing marketers with greater visibility into the most important influences shaping consumers’ purchase decisions (including advertising, public relations and social media) through advanced analytics and proprietary data.