Web Content Management Delivered as Software-as-a-Service: Manage Content Not Technology

CrownPeak is defining the future of content management by giving online marketers and website managers total control over their websites.

Online marketing revolves around the Web, and the Web revolves around content. Having the right Web content management solution ensures that you can quickly and easily create, edit, manage and publish Web content for all of your online marketing efforts. Such a system also enables you to streamline online campaigns and assists marketers with things they don’t typically associate with a CMS such as landing pages, microsites, search engine optimization, content relevance, and lead management and nurturing.


CrownPeak is cost-effective and easy to implement, making it a natural choice for marketers. Because it’s delivered as software-as-a-service, there’s no software to install, no hardware to buy and no infrastructure to manage; you simply access the CMS through your Web browser. This means that your websites and online campaigns are up and running faster, with less technology roadblocks, and at a fraction of the cost of using traditional installed solutions or open source solutions.


With the CrownPeak CMS, you get the same features and functionality you get with much higher-end installed systems – just faster and cheaper. Features like complete system auditing and reporting to give you the ability to manage and track the history of all your work. Files can be given a full document lifecycle, including checkin and check-out, versioning, rollback, approvals, scheduling and completely configurable workflows. Combine this with an easy-to-use, awardwinning interface designed for the nontechnical user, and the result is quite simply the fastest, most economical and easiest way to manage your Web content.


The real work of managing any website or marketing campaign begins after it goes live – thanks to the fact that change is a constant on the Web. Your CMS needs to be as flexible as your organization, whether it’s a simple template change or an entire site redesign. Thus, when you engage with CrownPeak, you get more than world-class software; all of our customers receive a dedicated account manager as part of the software subscription fee. This dedicated account manager is not only there to assist with the implementation of the software, but also serves as an extension of your team for the life of the contract to help with the inevitable change that accompanies any marketing effort.

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