Keeping Pace in a Changing Industry

The marketing world is changing. And fast. New media outlets continue to emerge. Audience segmentation requires constant examination. Deadlines are shrinking and products are being launched at record speed. Marketing departments are struggling just to keep up with these industry trends – without the pressures of hiring freezes and budget constraints.

Aquent understands these challenges. We’re the only global staffing company committed to marketing and creative services. We can help you improve your capacity to execute marketing programs and keep pace in this ever-changing industry.



Hiring talent on a contract basis allows marketing organizations to easily staff up or down depending on workload, without any long-term commitments. In a rapidly changing industry, Aquent’s talent has the diverse skill sets and expertise needed to impact virtually any marketing project.

When interim needs have the potential to become permanent, our Talent Bridge allows companies to try out candidates for 90 days to see how they meet expectations. If there is a match, an organization can add a proven member to its team. If not, there are no obligations.


Managing creative services resources efficiently and effectively is the focus of Aquent Consulting. We partner with clients to assess, benchmark and redesign organizations, processes and systems to maximize marketing program execution.


Free your internal teams to focus on your most strategic initiatives, by outsourcing the execution of content, print, Web and video projects to Aquent Studios. Our teams can scope, manage and perform the work on-site, offsite or offshore.

Training and Support

Aquent Graphics Institute (AGI) provides the technical training marketing and creative organizations need to succeed. Our expertise includes print Web, video, and mobile content using Adobe, Apple and Quark software. We offer private and custom training, along with regularly scheduled open enrollment classes, plus post-training support.

On-Demand Marketing Tools

Our affordable Web-based productivity tools make short work out of managing marketing resources, schedules and deliverables. RoboHead is a marketing project management tool that helps increase productivity, while MajorTom provides digital asset management, giving companies an easy way to manage their brands over the Web.

Multilingual Communications

Whatever the project, our translation, localization and interpretation services adapt your products to markets around the world. We offer multilingual solutions across all industries.

Executive Search

Aquent’s retained executive search services are available through RitaSue Siegel Resources, which specializes in the placement of design and design management professionals. Our areas of expertise include branding, communications, advertising, interactive media, user experience, research and planning, product innovation, packaging and store design.