Matt Goddard

Matt Goddard is the co-founder and CEO of R2integrated (R2i), an award winning digital marketing firm with unique expertise in social media, RIA and the complex technologies required for content, brand distribution and targeted customer engagement in today’s digital marketplace. R2i creates and deploys digital marketing campaigns, serving a distinguished local and international clientele that includes such brands as Black & Decker, Texas Instruments and GemStarTV Guide.

Matt’s understanding of social network theory is frequently called upon by R2i clients and partners as they develop their short and long term strategic plans. Prior to his work with R2i, Matt was co-founder of Impreza, a leading digital marketing and technology firm. After the acquisition of Impreza by Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBGI), Matt began Round 2 Communications (R2). Building on his expertise with creative services, brand strategy, and online communications, R2 would also incorporate next-generation Web 2.0 methods and technologies to engage an increasingly media-dispersed population.

Matt is also responsible for R2 ventures, a division of R2i that makes equity investments in start-up companies launching unique and innovative technologies.