Since our founding by David Ogilvy in 1972, OgilvyOne has grown into the world’s largest one-to-one marketing agency, with over 3,500 staff (including 800 interactive specialists) located in 115 offices around the world. Our clients are the world’s best brands, with one thing in common – they seek to protect, nurture and grow their two most valuable assets: their brand(s) and customer relationships. OgilvyOne helps organizations grow profits by nurturing the one-to-one relationships that generate the majority of brand and category volume. This requires a blend of marketing art and science to identify key relationships through data mining, then to build emotional loyalty with those targets at every point of contact. We succeed when customers have emotional equity in “their” brand and exhibit the following:

Our quantitative analysis has found that brand leaders tend to have a disproportionately high share of high-value category users bonded to their brand.

Applied Customer Relationship Management

Brand leaders recognize that building one-to-one relationships with category-heavy users is a powerful growth strategy. This requires aligning existing assets, such as targeted communications, segmentation, marketing databases and Web/call center experiences to deliver on the brand promise. Our data-driven marketing consulting, coupled with highimpact direct marketing and interactive communications, has been recognized for its ability to produce results. Our direct marketing communications have won nearly three times the ECHO Awards as our nearest competitor. In addition, we won the first-ever Cannes CyberLion Grand Prix for our interactive work in 1999. We have also received agency-wide honors from AdWeek, AdAge, B2B Magazine, and PhAme for our B2B, pharmaceuticals, interactive and integrated marketing work.

Customer Ownership

More than 30 years of direct marketing experience has yielded our proprietary methodology – Customer OwnershipSM, a robust framework for differential marketing resulting in highly targeted customer acquisition, cross-sell, retention, win-back and experience management programs. Figure 1 illustrates our approach.

Customer Ownership includes a tried-andtrue toolset for unlocking the value of key prospect and customer relationships based on best practices from around the world. A summary of our proprietary tools follows.

Key Tools

While not every OgilvyOne tool is required in every situation, the tools consistently deliver quick wins and longer-term strategies for protecting and increasing the value of our clients’ brands through the strategic use of marketing information.

Ogilvy Loyalty Index

A quantitative analysis tool showing the financial value of emotional loyalty using the WPP Group’s BRANDZ™data (managed by Millward Brown) – a proprietary global brand database covering 20,000 international and local brands across more than 100 product categories. Data analysis is performed for specific brands compared with their key competitors.


A fast-track assessment of how well a company manages its customer relationships, identifying what needs to be done and to what degree to enable quick wins.

CMAT™ (Customer Management Assessment Tool)

Developed by QCi, the recognized leader in CRM benchmarking, this global, detailed, companywide audit of customer management practices includes scored results benchmarked against other companies from our database of over 650 firms, collected over the past 10 years.

DFM Triangle and Value Spectrum

The DFM (differential marketing) Triangle shows the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) using actual market data (or proxies where unavailable) for a category or brand. It provides both the number of key brand relationships and the potential from retaining, growing and acquiring more of these relationships. The Value Spectrum provides a two-dimensional view of customer relationships: first of brand usage, second of category usage. The Value Spectrum allows the marketer to see current share of wallet.

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis identifies which of three key behavior gaps (acquisition, sales, retention) and two “emotional” gaps (attitude, awareness) exist for key prospect or customer segments. It is used to prioritize strategies that move the highest number of prospects to valuable customers.


A concise distillation of the brand’s meaning and promise. Provides the foundation for alignment among different stakeholders on the nature of the brand relationship, universal language, consistency of brand behavior, and drivers of change and directs brand-building activities across all touch points.


Vivid word portraits of key customer segments, capturing how the brand fits into their everyday lives through depiction of their thoughts, feelings and personalities. CustomerPrints enable the development of highly tailored customer experience and oneto- one marketing strategies.

Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth are the make-it-or-break-it interaction points between brands and users. We identify key positive and negative Moments of Truth for the brand and its competitors using a rigorous planning and research process that includes mapping and benchmarking. Moments of Truth are then incorporated into marketing, communications and customer experience plans.


Three primary bonds drive the relationship between brands and users: financial, social and structural. For each bond, we develop targeted tactics for strengthening and lengthening relationships at various stages along the Customer Journey.

Ogilvy Evaluate

A tool to prioritize objectives and guide the ongoing measurement of marketing performance. It includes a typological map of eight key performance indicators including brand health, response rates and ROI in one snapshot. Ogilvy Evaluate includes a measurement workshop prior to and following output development.

360-Degree Brand Stewardship

360-Degree Brand StewardshipSM starts with insights to form a differentiated and ownable brand proposition that can be expressed across every meaningful point of contact to surround targets – where they live, work and play. As a member of the Ogilvy Group, OgilvyOne partners with the best resources available in the market today, which include Ogilvy & Mather, Ogilvy Public Relations, The Lacek Group (loyalty marketing) and mOne (direct and interactive media planning and buying), to deliver greater impact than any one specialty can have on its own.