Demand Creates the Marketplace

Galip Talegon

Galip Talegon answers questions relating to differences in the online advertising space between networks, ad exchanges, and marketplaces. He discusses Hyperbidder technology and how it addresses issues in the industry.

What are the most important trends you see happening in the online advertising space?

In online display advertising, lately we see a lot of consolidation taking place. More and more advertisers move to more transparent ad networks, and in particular ad auction networks. Ad auction networks that have the transparency, the real time reporting, optimization, and a unique technology that separate them from others have the upper hand.

How should an advertiser or agency decide between buying from a network or through an ad exchange or marketplace?

Usually a network serves ads blindly, meaning the ads are served to all the web properties they have, and not to a specific category or demographics where in ad exchange networks usually serve and auction out specific category, web property or demographics. And that is where the value lies in with ad exchange networks. With ad exchange networks, advertiser is able to better target their offers.

What kinds of transparency and control over where their ads are shown do advertisers have when buying through a marketplace?

Some of the newer ad exchange networks are very transparent, and advertisers have full control over where their ads are shown. Especially with Hyperbidder, advertisers are either able to buy ads a la carte, or in a category where they can see the web properties that make up that category, and decide whether or not to run their ads a la carte, or through the category itself. Having the transparency is a huge deal nowadays. Advertisers want to make sure that their ads do not get distributed through the wrong channels. How good is a great ad if it is not distributed through the right channels and served in front of the right audience? With that, if you also give the advertisers the power to control, change, edit the campaigns and the distribution channels where the campaigns are run, then you are a winner. With Hyperbidder, we accomplish these two as we strive to be not just an ad auction network, but the best and the fairest to both advertisers and publishers.

Media Buyers are inundated with new networks, exchanges and optimization services. What factors should influence their decision when choosing, and why should they choose Hyperbidder?

Hyperbidder is the only ad auction network where all bidders win! Hyperbidder knows how time is very valuable to the media buyers especially the ones that run huge campaigns in big ad agencies. Hyperbidder created a technology that not only allows media buyers determine the real ad value of each campaign, or ad space, or category but also an ad exchange that does not frustrate the media buyers. Since every bidder is a winner, no media buyer is left out, and their ad is served no matter what. They appreciate this as they do not feel like they wasted time, energy, and money like they would otherwise with other exchanges.

Hyperbidder was created with fair play in mind. What we mean by that is Publishers should be fair in their pricing, and all advertisers, regardless of their budget or how much they can afford to pay in CPM or CPC, should have a chance to advertise along with the bigger and higher paying advertisers. Hyperbidder’s proprietary technology is the fairest ad buying and selling technology out there. Through its all bidders win! ad auction, it allows everyone to win a piece of the pie, while helping determine the real ad value of the ad space, ad campaign, or category without the need of the publisher setting it himself. We save the media buyers time, money and energy while being fair to both sides. In essence what Hyperbidder accomplishes is to provide a sophisticated but an easy to use marketplace to let ad buyers make up a "laissez-faire" type of market like we see in Economy where the demand creates the marketplace. Of course in this case, it is done automatically through Hyperbidder’s unique proprietary platform.