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The Guide for Agencies and Advertisers

The Online Advertising Blue Book for agencies and advertisers is designed to provide interactive media planners and buyers with the key data they need to choose between the dozens of networks competing for their attention and ad dollars. The Guide breaks through the noise by giving participating ad networks an opportunity to tell their own story and to differentiate themselves with expertise, case studies and executive interviews. The Online Advertising Blue Book is the trusted resource for ad-buyers and planners.


The Guide for Publishers and Affiliate

Affiliates and publishers have many choices when it comes to deciding which network they wish to work with, but they need to know who to trust. The Online Advertising Blue Book is designed to fill that need. Affiliates need to know that when they pass traffic to a network, or convert a visitor to a sale or lead, their commission will be protected and that the network will play fair.

The Online Advertising Blue Book is designed to provide networks the space to show exactly why a publisher should choose them as a partner. White papers and executive interviews can help to build trust and form a lasting and profitable business relationship. Network profiles provide publishers and affiliates with key data on contacts, payments terms and other decision-relevant data.

Revenue Performance and the Online Advertising Blue Book are published by mThink, LLC.  mThink publishes consumer magazines and contract publishing solutions. It also develops existing resources to provide clients with focused custom publishing solutions.

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