The Real Affiliate Program offers a fantastic revenue opportunity for affiliates across all channels including content, search, email and hybrid models. RealNetworks is proud to offer some of the most attractive commissions in the online music category. We have an open search policy and many tools available for our publishers. All our products are digital which means no waiting for back-log order, product returns or inventory control issues. If your visitors love Online Music, Media, Digital Video, Film, Audio, MP3s, Radio, Sports or News, Technology and Entertainment, you’ll appreciate Real’s popular online products, including:

Rhapsody: 14-day Free Trial!
Rhapsody is the ultimate digital music experience and the best music source on the planet. Subscribers get unlimited access to more than 100,000+ albums, 70,000+ artists and 1,500,000+ songs. In addition, subscribers get a complete music jukebox program, 90+ ad-free radio stations, music sharing, direct web access, and all the best music videos, artist bios, pictures and reviews. Commission: $15+ for registration.

SuperPass: 14-day Free Trial!
Subscribers get to watch/listen to subscription-only news, sports, comedy, film, TV and entertainment content using the RealPlayer Plus premium media player. In addition to great video content, users get advanced video controls and access to over 3,200 radio stations (90 ad-free) for your listening pleasure Commission: $15+ for registration.

RealPlayer Plus:
It’s everything people want in a media player including; pristine audio/ video playback, built-in music store, access to worldwide radio, and it’s the only player that plays CDs, DVDs and all major media file types. Enhanced video & audio controls gives you full control of your media, whether you’re downloading music, burning CDs, watching the latest video. Commission: $7+ for every person that buys RealPlayer!

We also work with publishers who require higher pay rates than the default rates listed above. If you are interested in pursuing a higher rate you can contact us to discuss sales projections and/or development costs. All rate increases must be justified by realistic ROI metrics and business development proposals.

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