Thought Leadership

Thought LeadershipThought Leadership

Chris Trayhorn and the mThink team first started working together while growing Montgomery Research into a world-class thought leadership marketing company. Over the course of ten years throughout the dot-com boom, bust and beyond, Montgomery Research produced dozens of mission-critical reports for Fortune 1000 senior executives on such diverse subjects as supply chain management, financial performance management and CRM; and for targeted, vertical markets such as healthcare and the energy and utilities industry.

Montgomery Research was founded by a core group of publishing and industry experts sharing a common vision: that integrity and world-class quality are competitive advantages. Now that same team at mThink is carrying forward the vision and integrating it into measurable, high-value performance-oriented marketing initiatives. Our client roster includes such companies as Accenture, IBM Global Business Services, Intel, Microsoft and Deloitte.

What is Thought Leadership?

What sets a business leader apart? Some say it’s imagination, or vision, or passion. We call it thought leadership.

Thought leadership is the ability to see a trend before it starts, and the wisdom to find opportunity in every challenge. It’s the confidence to act decisively because you know your company is a step ahead of the competition.

Beyond the branded symbol, a company mirrors the vision of its leaders. We help companies to differentiate themselves based on what they think as much as by what they sell. We create forums where vendors, consultants and others can share their views with decision-makers in the Global 2000, government and other institutions. Our books and websites are collaborative communities that advance the best practices for today and the best opportunities for tomorrow as business and technology converge.