Sex, Lies & Affiliate Marketing

Chris Trayhorn
by Chris Trayhorn
January 26, 2011

We are very serious people here at mThink Manor, fully focused on the future of performance marketing, but sometimes the drama of the affiliate marketing space just pulls us in. This week Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney) put on his suit of armor and rode to the rescue of Kim Rowley, accusing Aunesty Janssen and Patrick Reikofski of being "bad people" and "scum". Not to take it lying down, in response they started a blog accusing Kim of hacking into a Facebook account, running "sex blogs" and "Cyber Stalking".

It is a hopeless endeavor to try and pick out the truth of the situation. Shoemoney presents evidence that appears to show that Patrick Reikofski had registered the domain and that it was subsequently shut down as a result of a "Spam-And-Abuse" complaint. 

He mentions that the blog hosted on that domain was full of very nasty slurs on Kim Rowley’s reputation but posts no evidence. The site is down and no cached version seems to be available but we did find a cache of a Twitter account that linked to it. Take a look for yourself: it’s pretty unpleasant stuff and one can only sympathize with Kim Rowley. 

But, from the other side, Janssen and Riekofski’s new blog presents a collection of redacted emails and Facebook messages as evidence of Kim Rowley’s "Cyber Harassment" and a video that attempts to link Kim Rowley to a domain, They also promise more evidence in due course. 

We are unable to vouch for the truth or otherwise of the allegations on either side. From where we sit, it seems as though there may have been some obsessive-compulsive behavior on both sides – but what do we know? What we guess is that Kim Rowley will win the battle: she has lots of friends in the affiliate marketing industry and so has hold of the megaphone in the argument. But there’s always two sides to every love story, and hate story. We report. You decide.

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8 Responses to “Sex, Lies & Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Says:

    What does this have to do with anything? Why not talk about true issues threatening performance based marketing.

  2. Chris Trayhorn
    Chris Trayhorn Says:

    We cover threats and opportunities in performance marketing constantly – look around. But don’t you think that when gurus start trying to trash people’s careers, that might be seen by some as a threat? I’d suggest that it’s at least worthy of discussion.

  3. Pace Lattin Says:

    Chris, this is shameful that you’d even consider publishing this in what claims to be a “professional magazine.” Most likely some of the parties involved will get sued, as these are not “public figures” and even republishing accounts of it, if they are patently false or libelous can get you sued.

    I can understand these “get-rich” guru bloggers publishing this crap, they are idiots in the first place. However, this brings Mthink and Revenue Performance to a new low.

    People’s personal lives have no business whatsoever being aired in a professional business. This just is another example of what is a side of this industry that needs to disappear.

  4. Chris Trayhorn
    Chris Trayhorn Says:

    Pace, it’s a shame you throw insults around so lightly but I know it’s part of your style. But consider this: one of the top 100 bloggers in the country has made thus-far unsubstantiated allegations aginst two affiliates in a deliberate effort to trash their careers. If that’s not a legitimate news story, I don’t know what is.
    For good or ill Shoemoney is a very visible representative of our industry. You believe that as the industry magazine we shouldn’t talk about him when he does this stuff? How could that possibly be right?

  5. Pace Lattin Says:

    It’s not “insults” to ask that we have a better standard of how we do business than a “blogger.” I’d like to think that the industry is maturing and we need to set the standard as professionals. Hope you agree.

  6. Chris Trayhorn
    Chris Trayhorn Says:

    I think we’re on the same side here. But we need to expose unprofessionalism and fraud to the sunlight, not just ignore them.

  7. Pace Lattin Says:

    Cool…I think.

  8. Eva Peters Says:

    I agree about the obsessive compulsive behavior of both sides. But like you said, whoever has big contacts will always have the power.