ROI On Marketing: Still The Only Thing That Matters

by Peter Klein
September 7, 2011

Klein Online (& Out- of-Line)

The national debt is climbing to $15B, the Dow Jones dropped 1,000 points in August and yet online advertising spend continues to soar quarter after quarter.  Clearly advertisers see online as a viable channel to reach consumers and maximize ROI in these difficult times.  And clearly CMO’s are being pressured to deliver results instead of just pure branding.

Advertisers have seen the value in online marketing for over a decade.  Over the last 5 years particularly, significant shifts have been seen from traditional media to online – a trend that is only going to accelerate. In fact eMarketer shows US online ad spending almost doubling from $26B in 2010 to 49.5B in 2015.  I’d be happy if my own company was responsible for just 1% of that!

The important thing to note though is that whether you are a CMO, VP or any other decision maker in the marketing division of your company, you need to be thinking seriously about how to clearly demonstrate the ROI on your marketing efforts – and more importantly, the ROI on your job.  Whether we are in a recession, depression, or bull market, there can never a bad time to invest your dollars wisely.

I sincerely hope this resonates with the marketing budget controlling masses, as you don’t have to know anything about media channels to be successful.  You just have to know basic math – and the online marketing community is here to make you turn that math into better marketing and job performance.

Certainly the status quo has never gotten anyone ahead. In the words of William Wallace: “You know what happens if we don’t try?…Nothing.”

Peter Klein is SVP, Media Services for MediaWhiz, a division of the SolutionSet MediaWhiz Partnership. 
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The SolutionSet MediaWhiz Partnership is a leading integrated performance marketing agency network that works with marketers to deliver measurable, tangible and accountable business results. It provides today’s CMO with a comprehensive offering built around relationship marketing, digital solutions, local marketing, data management and media services, designed to drive profitable transactions in the marketplace. The SolutionSet MediaWhiz Partnership works with leading brands, including adidas, AT&T, American Express, AMD, CCA Global, Cisco, Dell, eBay, Gold’s Gym, National Consumer Panel, Nielsen, and Office Depot. For more information, visit:

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About Peter Klein

Peter Klein is President and co-founder of Admediary, a full-service online performance marketing company. He has 20 years of online and offline marketing experience. Most recently he was the SVP of Media for MediaWhiz, where he was responsible for the creation and growth of multiple performance marketing divisions, including the consistently top 5 ranked Blue Book affiliate network, MonetizeIt. Prior to joining MediaWhiz, Peter was GM of Affiliate Marketing for HotRocket Marketing, where he developed and launched the affiliate network and was responsible for all event planning. Before, Peter held both traditional and online marketing positions at companies such as Cablevision, Barnes & Noble, and Publishers Clearing House. Peter holds a BS in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University.

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