When Microsoft needed to launch the new digital marketing brand they came to us. Microsoft Advertising was launched with a global thought leadership program in which we brought together Microsoft’s own cutting edge research, dedicated white papers from universities and technology companies, and Martha Stewart.

The resulting boardroom quality research report, website, launch event and worldwide distribution gave Microsoft Advertising the credibility they needed with digital agencies worldwide.


Bring together 100 international  researchers and gurus to launch a new global brand (along with Bill Gates and Martha Stewart too!)

The launch of the Microsoft Advertising brand was a massive, complex 12-month effort.

Microsoft’s in-house research team had an entirely new way to measure attribution – the degree to which content and media influence the buying decision all the way through the funnel. “Engagement Mapping” was a huge idea – but how to communicate it?

mThink’s Montgomery Research imprint worked hand-in-glove with attribution experts from over 50 organizations worldwide. We developed Marketing 2.0, the world’s first global review of online attribution literature, and used it to create a vibrant online community.

The result?
Microsoft Advertising launched with a major event attended by 1,000 of the biggest online advertisers, as well as celebrities and Microsoft executives. Every person received a copy of Marketing 2.0, which was also used as marketing collateral on Microsoft sales calls worldwide.
The Microsoft Advertising brand was an immediate hit and now includes Bing, Skype, MSN and X-Box. “Engagement Mapping” worked for Microsoft.