If This Doesn’t Persuade You To Put Campaigns On Mobile, Nothing Will

Chris Trayhorn
by Chris Trayhorn
May 2, 2012

How massive is mobile? Absolutely huge. More than you even think. A new analyst report reveals that mobile devices have now achieved greater market penetration worldwide than bank accounts, safe drinking water and electricity. That’s right. More people can access a cell phone than have electricity.

Bonus fact: mobile now represents 50% of consumer budget for information technology. Mobile industry analyst Chetan Sharma has a whole downloadable deck that examines the global mobile marketplace. Well worth a read if you’re wondering where to invest for the future

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Chris Trayhorn

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One Response to “If This Doesn’t Persuade You To Put Campaigns On Mobile, Nothing Will”

  1. AlisonJedan Says:

    Yes I agree with you mobile company have established and notify the drastic changes in the marketing strategy.It is one of the fastest growing industry regarding to the technology and providing in the trend logistic application.