Coupons – A Necessary Evil?

Revenue Performance Staff
by Revenue Performance Staff
February 9, 2012

Between December 2010 and December 2011, searches for “coupon” and “coupons” (broad matched) ballooned to over 63 million for a year-over-year increase of 37%.

Many retailers understandably cringe knowing that these last-minute coupon scoopers could be unnecessarily driving down the price of their goods among consumers who will actually pay full price. But the other side of the argument is that offering coupons and discounts might be the price of admission these days, a necessary marketing expenditure to reach consumers who are increasingly looking for confirmation of value before making a purchase.

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Revenue Performance Staff

One Response to “Coupons – A Necessary Evil?”

  1. kellyray Says:

    Coupons are driving the small business person into bankruptcy!Period!All these "coupon hoarders’ that buy the limit for themselves and then weasle their way around the coupon limits by getting their friend and family to "gift"them to each other.A person like me who go’s to people houses to clean ends up going to the same places over and over for nothing.The coupon companies make their 50% and *I lose money on every transaction.I get asked for business cards and even get e-mails praising my work but in the end they just go find another coupon site.Even the mighty Mcdonalds would go broke if you never bought the drinks or the fries!Coupon companies suck!!Truth be told Groupon has only 50% of the money on hand to pay all the money they owe us!That’s probably 1 of the main problems is trying to get your money from them. Kelly Phendler formerly of Cleanerman Allpro Cleaning(now defunct).