Retargeting. Why It Is the Future

Chris Trayhorn
by Chris Trayhorn
March 14, 2012

Performance marketing relies on knowing how to convert people into customers. Retargeting – the idea that you can use a person’s search and browser history to target ads more accurately – is already a key weapon in the armory of many networks, but as the underlying technology develops it is going to become even more important.

Picture being able to offer coupons or incentives in realtime to customers based on their location, search history and Twitter stream. Imagine the implied opportunity of one Tweet, "New baby on the way!"

Google currently retargets AdWords ads across the Google Display Network and at some point will inevitably leverage their vast store of search engine data to target even more accurately. With the upsurge in mobile and video usage, the incorporation of YouTube, Android and Custom Search data is bound to follow.

Shelley Ellis explains her vision of the future:

Can you imagine the possibilities for this across some industries? Restaurants, airline tickets and other industries where the “now” factor is strong could set up instant campaigns where the ad only shows for the next 24 hours. Someone with a broken tooth or who is looking for 24-hour urgent care could be shown relevant, geo-targeted advertising instantaneously.

Microsoft is already moving:

Bing currently offers Search Remessaging to advertisers but it is not yet available through their AdCenter platform. When a keyword search is done using Bing, the searcher is then tagged and shown retargeting ads on the Microsoft Media Network and on their partner sites. Microsoft has an interesting network of products. Advertising is already integrated into a number of those products including Xbox games. Having access to large databases of users across a variety of interests could offer opportunities to build the Bing Remessaging audience in the near future.

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