Marketing Solutions

About Marketing Solutions

mThink, via its’ thought leadership publishing and content creation services, provides custom marketing services tailored to our customer’s unique needs. The goal of our programs is to help position each customer as the leading expert in their field and to their perspective audiences.

Marketing Solutions will provide a broad range of content-based marketing solutions, including custom research, white papers and webinar development, micro-site and social media creation, case studies, interviews, reviews, ebooks, videos and virtual and physical events such as road-shows. Our specialty is working with companies to put together a customized marketing campaign that delivers on identified goals/ROI, while still maintaining a consistent brand message. Offerings:

  • White Paper: Development of a white paper focused on customer solution, including up to three case studies demonstrating the goals of the advertiser. White papers are designed for multi-channel distribution as a lead-gen piece as well as for sales and marketing collateral
  • Webinar: Development of a webinar or series of webinars that highlight the core company attributes, or educational videos as marketing tools
  • Video: Development of video interviews or educational videos. Promotion on Revenue Performance site, as well as syndication across YouTube and other social video sites.
  • Microsite: Aggregation of all online and print columns, videos and webinars in one area
  • Social Media: Development of social media strategy
  • Ebook: With a broad customized approach all print material will be aggregated and pulled together to provide a second-tier lead-gen avenue

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